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Wenks Landing


Wenks Landing sits upstream of Bayou Bodcau Dam, alongside Bayou Bodcau. The small quiet campground is a Class B campground, and is open year-round to visitors. Bodcau provides fishing and boating opportunities, along with hiking/biking trails and other recreation. Bayou Bodcau is a large wildlife management area, and is very popular during hunting season for deer and other wild game. 

The small towns of Cotton Valley and Sarepta are close by, and the larger town of Springhill can provide most immediate needs. Downtown Bossier City and Shreveport are only a 1 hour drive away, and have many opportunities for other interests such as museums and restaurants. Bodcau is well off the main travel roads, so traffic and other noise issues are of no concern. 

The campground has no designated fee booth and is by-reservation-only, so all reservations must be made through recreation.gov. Reservations can be made up to 6 months in advance or upon arrival; we recommend reserving prior to entering the campground.

For more information on Bayou Bodcau, please visit the following website. (https://www.mvk.usace.army.mil/Missions/Recreation/Bayou-Bodcau/)

Natural Features

Bayou Bodcau is 33,500 acres of public land, much of which consists of moss-laden cypress swamps. The area also consists of lowland and upland areas, consisting of mixed deciduous or pine forests. Bayou Bodcau is considered a "dry reservoir", and only fills up during periods of high rainfall. The creek can be slow moving and almost stagnant during the dry summer, but a swift and deep torrent during the cooler winter.

The area is home to a diverse group of natural areas, and hosts some rare and endangered species. Alligators, beaver and more can be found amongst the forest and swamps. Cypress Swamps, Bottomland Forests, Morse Clay Calcareous Prairies and more can be found within the project boundaries. The project is also home to some of the largest trees in the state, and such "Champion Trees" have been found and recorded at multiple locations throughout the park. 

Bodcau is also home to 500 acre Ivan Lake, which is a small but well-maintained lake for fishing and boating. The lake is known to be popular with local fisherman, and wildlife such as Bald Eagles can be spotted there.

Nearby Attractions

Ivan Lake is a nearby attraction, and provides for additional boating, fishing and animal viewing opportunities. Ivan Lake is not directly accessible by boat, and must be removed from Bayou Bodcau and re-launched at Ivan.

Muddy Bottoms ATV Park is located just up the road in Springhill.

Leaving Wenk's Landing, heading left towards Serepta, you will find a delicious local bakery called A Piece of Heaven Cakery, this stop is a must if you have a sweet tooth!

About 5 miles south of the recreation facility, there is a nice gas station in Cotton Valley that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, they sell any supplies you may need for your camping trip. There is also a Family Dollar right across the street. 

About 5 miles north of the recreation facility, is the town of Sarepta where you will find some great local restaurants! 

Charges & Cancellations

Last minute changes and cancellations may be subject to additional fees.



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