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Yolla Bolla Area

The SFMU is based in Hayfork and contains the Hayfork and Yolla Bolla Ranger Districts. The SFMU encompasses over 590,000 acres. Three major streams from the primary watersheds within this area; the South Fork of the Trinity River, Hayfork Creek and Beegum Creek.

The SFMU is bounded along its western side by South Fork Mountain, one of the longest continuous ridgelines in North America. At the southern end of the unit are the Yolla Bolla Mountains and one of two wilderness areas with the unit, the Yolla Bolla/ Middle Eel Wilderness. Situated along the eastern side of the SFMU is the Chanchelulla Wilderness. The northern end of the unit is bounded by a series of ridgelines and peaks that include Pattison Peak, Hayfork Bally and Hayfork Divide.

The large variety in terrain and ecosystems that exist on the South Fork Management Unit (SFMU) provide for a wide range of recreational opportunities.

You can rent an historic cabin, camp in a wide variety of campgrounds, both developed and undeveloped, hike into either the Yolla Bolly or Chanchelula Wilderness area, or enjoy a 40+ mile wild and scenic river corridor. With this wide range of recreational opportunities, you should be able to find just the right one for your interests.

The Chanchelulla Wilderness is the second of the two wilderness areas in the South Fork Management Unit, which provides opportunity for wilderness hiking and camping.

The South Fork of the Trinity is a rich resource with its serene beauty and its many recreational opportunities.