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Teton Wilderness

Whetstone Lake, Teton Wilderness Bertha Lake, Teton Wilderness



The Teton Wilderness borders the south end of Yellowstone National Park providing a huge area of land to explore to the adventurous of spirit. While the Teton Wilderness provides critical habitat to many wildlife species, it also offers 450 miles of trails which allow access to a large variety of hunting and fishing opportunities. Home to the famous Two Ocean Creek which splits along the Continental Divide and flows to both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the Wilderness hosts the headwaters of several Wild and Scenic Rivers.


For information on specific activities such as hiking and horseback riding, see the list of "Activities" below, which provides links to detailed trail information.  The Teton Wilderness has some specific requirements in regards to group size and permits may be required.  Make sure to check our permits section for this information.  In addition, bear food storage is required throughout the north zone of the Bridger-Teton National Forest, which includes the Teton Wilderness.

For all things Wilderness including broader information about the Teton Wilderness, check out www.wilderness.net.