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Smokey Bear Rd

The Smokey Bear Ranger District offers many different recreation opportunities for all seasons.

Winter Sports

Scenic Viewing


Group Picnicking


Group Camping

Dispersed or "road-side" camping:  

You may drive to park your RV no more than 300' from an open road designated for such use. Please check with one of our offices to obtain a free Motor Vehicle Use Map which details exactly what roads you are allowed to disperse camp along. Most roads, outside of US and State Highways are available for this use.  Please be mindful that there are many private land inholdings within the Forest and these lands are not available for camping.


We offer trails ranging in use from hiking, pack/saddle, mountain biking, motorcycle riding and ATV riding (less than 50" in width).  Most side-by-sides are greater than 50" in width and exceed a weight limit, these can be enjoyed on our dirt roads. Most of the trails within this district reside within the White Mountain and Capitan Wilderness Areas, so for a motorized Off Highway Vehicle experience, there are a handful of trails but nearly all of our dirt roads are available for use.

There is little to no water available in many places so please bring what you need and be safe.