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Little Duck Campsite On Grand Island

Grand Island, a Congressionally designated National Recreation Area (NRA), boasts massive 300-foot wave-cut sandstone cliffs; 13,500 acres of lush forest; beaches of fine sand; winter ice caves; and historic buildings and artifacts dating back as far as 2,000 BC, to name just a few of its highlights! The island's scenic natural beauty and interesting history make it an attractive place for camping and other outdoor activities.

This site is hike in, bike in or boat in only. Public vehicles are not allowed on the Island.

This campsite is located approximately 50 yards from Lake Superior and Trout Bay Beach. The site is approximately 2.5 miles from William's Landing (ferry service arrival point, and visitor information center). The nearest potable water is approximately 1 mile south of this campsite at Murray Bay Day Use Area. Plan ahead, and bring drinking water when staying at this site or plan to filter water from Lake Superior. This site can accommodate up to 4 people in two tents. A latrine, food storage pole and locker, fire ring, benches and firewood are provided in/near the campsite. Little Duck can be accessed via the island's trail system and is accessible to kayakers via Trout Bay Beach. 

Drinking water is available at Williams Landing, Juniper Flats, Farrell Cottage and Murray Bay Day Use Area. If traveling elsewhere on the island, bring water with you or filter/boil/treat surface water. Keep soaps and detergents out of lakes and streams. Wash dishes and clothes in a pot and dispose of the waste water in a hole at least 100 feet from the nearest water supply. Bathe in a similar manner.

There are no supplies available on the Island.  There are also no trash cans on the Island. Be prepared to pack in and pack out everything you need.

Black bears live on this island. Information is available at the Ranger District on how to prevent and survive bear encounters. Be prepared to store your food and all consumable and scented items, including trash, on the bear pole at the site. Never leave food unattended in campsite.

The mosquitoes and black flies can be very bad from Mid-May to mid-July. Be sure to bring plenty of insect repellant and even a head net during those months. Avoid climbing on or standing along the sandstone cliffs. The sandstone is very fragile and may not support your weight.