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Goosebumps Trail

Recommended Users: Mountain Bikers, Hikers. Singletrack trail. 3.5 miles in length. Difficulty: Moderate/More Difficult. Goosebumps Trail connects to and can only be accessed by other trails. Reach Goosebumps from the Jem Trail, Cryptobionic Trail, or Dead Ringer Trail.Constructed in 2013, the 3.5 mile Goosebumps trail hugs the toe of the slope at the base of Gooseberry Mesa. Riders flow through the “bumps” as they cross the multiple drainages coming off the mesa. Goosebumps is one of those rare trails that can be enjoyed by experts and beginners alike. The trail splits briefly into A-line and B-line sections in multiple locations. The A-lines are for expert/advanced riders and contain steep drops, jumps, difficult terrain, and even a narrow fin with drop-offs on either side. The B-line is far gentler and is appropriate for beginners. Just make sure you read the signs correctly at the intersections!Mountain Biking Loop: Numerous looping opportunities are available.