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Au Sable Loop Campground


As visitors exit McKinley Road to enter the Au Sable Loop Scenic Overlook, they will first see a panoramic vista of the National Scenic portion of the Au Sable River. From the Au Sable Loop Scenic Overlook follow the unpaved road to reach the campground. The small five site campground is set amidst a mixed hardwood forest. The campground and day use areas are ideal for scenery viewing, wildlife viewing, and picnicking.



Natural Features

Located near the banks of the National Scenic Au Sable River, this campground is a haven for water based recreation. An exemplary setting for wildlife viewing, visitors and campers will see a melding of habitats as the river turns to forest and then to field. The area is inhabited by bald eagles, deer, bear, bobcat, porcupine, various songbirds, and waterfowl. Please respect wildlife and observe from a distance.  


This location is unstaffed. To speak with our main office for general information, please call: (989) 826-3252.

Charges & Cancellations

All reservation changes, cancellations, and refunds are managed through Recreation.gov.



Au Sable Loop Campground Au Sable Loop Campground Au Sable Loop Campground